We are not a real estate agency. We are a team.

We are not a real estate agency. We are a team.

A team of informed, engaged, friendly people who live in, work in, walk around, bike through, and think about Cambridge and Somerville every day. We focus on these two communities—and only these—so we can know them inside and out.

We’re real people doing real work. We’re refreshingly honest. We’re agile and responsive, fun—but serious too—smart yet never done learning. We love the work we do, and we work hard at it.

We prepare properties and buyers beautifully. We dig deep to get beyond a superficial understanding of people and places. We understand the interests and intentions involved in negotiations—not just the facts. We brief clients, unwind knotty problems, find creative solutions, set realistic expectations, and get answers to your questions.
We appreciate hard feedback—it makes us better. If there’s ever an opportunity for improvement, we want to know about it. We’re always working to refine our craft.

We love technology and information. We’re analytical and informed. We delight in simple, elegant ways of looking at data and trends.

We’re connectors and community builders. We know plumbers, electricians, landscapers, babysitters, dogwalkers, and folks who fix things. We love our local tradespeople—and we love making the right introductions at just the right time.​

We genuinely want to hear from you. Call us, stop by our office, send us an email or text any time—we’re open, available, and here to help.